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Election Results

Ward 2 (one to be elected)

IRVINE, Glen260 votesElected
TURSKI, Robert102 votes

Ward 3 (one to be elected)

FELLER, Barry234 votesElected
REMPEL, Ed77 votes

Ward 4 (one to be elected)

SURMINSKI, Paul195 votesElected
PFRIMMER, Paul96 votes

Ward 6 (one to be elected)

SCHINKEL, Rick196 votesElected
KEDDIE, Deidre176 votes

Ward 1

BESTLAND, Matt - Acclaimed

Ward 5

MORSE, Bob - Acclaimed

Reeve (Head of Council)

ERB, Brad - Acclaimed

Application to Vote by Sealed Envelope Posted: Sep 28, 2022

Advance Voting Posted: Sep 28, 2022

Notice of Election Posted: Sep 28, 2022

Ward Maps Posted: Sep 23, 2022

Declaration of Candidates Elected by Acclamation Posted: Sep 22, 2022