Building Permits
Permits are required for the following:
  • Single & two family dwellings
  • Attached or detached garages
  • Additions of any size
  • Decks attached to a dwelling or to an existing attached deck
  • Detached decks
  • Detached accessory structures over 108 sq. ft. in building area; (Some developments have a size restriction for accessory structures, please check with the Municipal Office)
  • Structural alterations/renovations
  • Non-structural alterations/renovations over $5,000 in value
  • Demolition or re-location of any structure
  • Signs
If you have completed any project listed above without a building permit over the past five years, please contact the Municipal Office to arrange for a building permit to ensure that all the minimum requirements of the Manitoba Building Code have been followed.
Permits are not required for the following:
  • Painting, stucco, siding, shingles where the same material is used
  • Replacement of doors or windows where the size of the openings is not altered
  • Installation of cabinets or shelves
  • Non-structural alterations/renovations under $5,000 in value
  • Detached accessory structures less than 108 sq. ft. in building area. These structures are still required to meet the minimum front, side and rear yard requirements and the separation distance requirements between the dwelling & accessory structure under the Zoning By-Law. Please call the Municipal Office.

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