Municipal Services & Utilities
Public Works Yard
58 PR 247 (Sanford)
Phone # - 204-736-2214
Public Works Manager: Grant Baker
Box 667, 65-3rd Avenue NE
Carman, Manitoba R0G 0J0
Box 100, 229 Main Street S
Morris, Manitoba R0G 1K0
204-746-2312 23
Farmland School Tax Rebate
1-5290, Monterey Road, Headingly, MB, R4H 1J9
Phone # - 204-945-1777
Macdonald Weed Control District
58 PR 247, Sanford
Phone # - 204-736-2216
Weed Supervisor: Andrew Schreyer
Macdonald - Headingly Recreation District
81 Alboro Street, Headingly, MB
Phone # - 204-885-2444
Recreation Director: Susanne Moore
Macdonald Services to Seniors
5-38 River Avenue, Box 283, Starbuck, R0G 2P0
Phone # - 204-735-3052
Leanne Wilson - Coordinator
Fire Protection
Fire protection is provided by the Macdonald Fire Department located in Sanford.
Ambulance Protection
Ambulance protection is provided by the Regional Health Authority located in Oak Bluff.
Police Services
Provided through the Headingley RCMP (Non-emergency Tel: 204-831-5929).
Hydro-Electric power
Supplied by Manitoba Hydro (Tel: 204-480-5900)
Water & Sewer 
  • All Communities are provided with potable water from the Water Treatment Plant (Sanford).
  • All other residents have access to water standpipes located in each of the six communities.
  • All communities are provided with a low pressure sewer System and annual septic tank clean-out.
Telephone Service
Is provided by MTS (Tel: 204-225-5687).
Natural Gas
Provided by Manitoba Hydro (Tel: (204) 925-0648), and currently available in La Salle, Oak Bluff, Sanford and Starbuck.
Rural Municipality of Macdonald
161 Mandan Drive
P.O. Box: 100
Sanford, MB R0G 2J0
Ph: 204-736-2255
Fax: 204-736-4335
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the municipal services provided by the RM of Macdonald.
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